Why Educational Facilities At Chennai International School Are Considered Superior

American Syllabus at Chennai International School

If you are really conscious of your sons or daughters, you may probably be planning to send them for higher education after their graduation or post graduation in any particular field of profession like engineering, medical, Information Technology, Humanities, Scientific Research or any other profession. If your financial status permits you, you need to do so because; they can make their career in a ‘lucrative earning’. They may face initial difficulties in adapting themselves; being switched off from an Indian environment of learning to an American one. Have you ever thought, how your sons or daughters will be comfortable and at ease, if they get an American environment of learning, in India, in their school curriculum. There are Schools In Chennai that provide these facilities. . The school at Neelanagar in Chennai follows the American syllabus.


Schools in Chennai

If you want your wards to be educated in an international learning environment, here is a good opportunity; if you are located near any of the following three locations; namely, Shollinganallur, Padur and Neelangarai. The facilities at the school at Neelangarai are mentioned above. The international school at Shollinganallur follows the Cambridge curriculum, right from the pre-KG to Grade XII. The one at Padur follows the curriculum of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India. You can either get your ward admitted at the pre-Kg standard or can get him or her transferred to any other grade, if your ward is already studying at any other school. The syllabus is designed so that your ward can get adapted at any grade. If you are moving from the US to India, for permanent settlement, the International schools in tamilnadu will be the most suited educational destination for your children.

The Highest Teacher-Student Ratio in International Schools in Tamilnadu

The Teacher-student ratio is one of the strongest factors for determining the quality and standard of education of a school. The higher the ratio, better will be quality. The International schools in tamilnadu provide the service of 1teacher for 15 students. You can know the progress of your child through Parent Teacher Meeting) PTM), twice in a term. Your child can take part in any of the extracurricular activities that include; playing guitar and key board, dancing, karate, swimming, Western and Indian Music, Yoga, Robotics, and chess. These facilities add to the overall development of your children. When your children are exposed to a global learning environment, they are getting themselves equipped with global competition in the job market. Besides personality development, your children are left with top notch faculties to take your children in the right path to build strong character.


Schools in Chennai, the Arbor of Value-Added Learning

When you leave your child in care of the International Schools Chennai, you should feel complacent about its growth and development. With arrays of curricular and extracurricular facilities provided by the school, your child will singled out among the vast student populace, because of the very tag of the school’s name. The value-added learning will make him or her a ‘valued’ member of the society.


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