Get A Chance To Study In International Schools In Tamil Nadu

An induction to the latest technologies and the integration of different cultures is what gives a student an edge over others. The competition has turned fiercer and more than the grades, it’s the soft skills, communication skills and all of the others that matter more. A comprehensive approach with an eye for constant development will be an extremely vital way to make sure your child is equipped with all the necessary skills to have a good career and deal with the changes that come with a radical job market. That is what Chennai international school provides you with.

Preference of Schools in Chennai

For long, Schools In Chennai are struggling to equip themselves with the latest technologies so that students can get what they need in this fast-paced, competitive environment. Many NRIs have made their foray back into the country for various reasons and education is at the top of their minds in such cases. They look for schools which provide the students the creative edge needed to sustain themselves. The recent years have seen a surge in such international schools in Tamil Nadu which make it their motto to impart the best education facilities to students from all social and economic backgrounds. That has proved beneficial to many students, not just in Chennai, but all over the country.

The faculty are highly trained and know how to carry forward the educational Excellencies which are the hallmark of such international schools in Tamil Nadu. Not just that, many of the Chennai International School also extend their education towards the orphans and other unattended children who need education. It is important to mould the students from a very young age so that they get to develop their faculties with a vision of the future.

The Best Schools in Chennai

These days a lot of parents prefer to educate their children in international schools because of the global exposure they get there. The learning methodologies are drastically different than those of in other schools and the innovative curriculum attracts a lot of students who wish to have an edge over other students. That is the main reason behind the mushrooming of such schools in Chennai. The curriculum consists of the best of both the country and renowned international bodies. There are auditoriums, playground with the best facilities available and so much more for your child to take part in effectively for a longer time. This will also free you from worrying about them as long as they are in school where every need of yours will be taken care of.

Learning soft skills and innovative, creative ways of thinking are critical to success in both career and life. The world is changing fast and keeping up with the changes requires one to be absolutely sure of what is in for them. Highly equipped with the best facilities, these schools provide the necessary skills needed in your child to make him/her better than the rest and make their lives worthwhile in a lot of ways.


Chennai International School Are The Dream Schools For Parents

Joining the children in the best school is one the biggest dream for parents. Today’s parents have understood that school education plays an important role in determining the future of their children. Having struggled in life to get a good job, parents of today’s generation don’t want their kids to live a life which they are leading. The parents are looking for best education and coaching for their kids and the recent schooling of international education is serving the best option.

International schools in Tamilnadu stand as role model for other schools in Chennai

Generally, the domestic or the state education system in Tamil Nadu is not promising. In the name of a common education system, the government has taken a wrong call in making the subject and curriculum common to everyone. With the recent challenges and the future out comings, the school education system needs to be modern and needs to address the challenges of present and future. In that way, international schools in Tamilnadu are a way ahead. Yes, in particular, the Chennai international school are the most recognized schools in Chennai and in fact in the entire country in the way they run the school. The management of Chennai international school has great strategy in place in terms of training kids. The Chennai international school use modern ICT techniques and unique way of teaching which makes them the most preferred location in all the international schools in Tamilnadu. Further, all the Schools In Chennai are looking forward to the Chennai international schools in learning what best they are doing in motivating and training students.

Motivating and training students is a skill which Chennai international schools have mastered

The best part of the international schools is their infrastructure and the experience the teachers have in training. In terms of infra we talk about the classrooms, the modern devices used and the way teaching is conducted. The teachers in Chennai International Schools use video, audio, and many tools in explaining students. This teaching is not like the traditional ways of writing in Blackboard. The teachers show right models, animations and live examples in helping students learning stuff. More of practical knowledge is embedded rather than theoretical ones. In the case of teachers, the international schools in Tamilnadu recruit only well experienced and innovative staffs. The staffs are constantly encouraged and provided required training to help them improve their skills to teach the modern generation kids.

Fees structure of International Schools

In addition to the above benefits of international schools to kids, most parents worry about the fees structure of international schools. When compared to most of the international schools in the country, the fees structure of schools in Tamilnadu and in particular Chennai are highly competitive. In other traditional schools the parents besides paying regular fees, if their kids want to learn extra activities they need to either pay separately or join the kids in coaching classes. But in international schools, everything is offered under one roof from studying to sports to arts.

Tips To Help You Find The Best International Schools In Tamil Nadu

With more and more parents realizing the fact that they might have to send their kids abroad for better education and future prospects, there is growing demand for admissions in international schools. The number of international schools in Tamil Nadu has also increased in the past few years. However, not all the international schools in Chennai are the same and offering the same level and quality of education. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that the Chennai international school that you select for your child should actually be able to help in grooming your child for a brighter future in the global market.

Below are a few simple and basic points which all parents should take into consideration at the time of choosing between the various International Schools In Tamil Nadu:

Qualification Of Teachers

The first and the most important factor that determines the quality of education in any school is the quality of the teachers in that school. If the teachers in a school are not good or qualified, the school will never be able to provide your child learning and education of high standards. Same is the case with international schools in Chennai as well. You need to make sure that the teachers in the Chennai international school, which you are considering for your child, have the necessary qualifications and experience required. While checking the qualifications of the teachers, make sure that they are not just certified for regular courses, but specifically for international courses.

Affiliations With International Universities

Not all international schools in Tamil Nadu have close associations with other international schools. This is not a very good thing, since the whole purpose of joining a Chennai International School is to connect with the world from an early age. Besides, when affiliated with other international schools, located abroad, the school is able to provide your child with international degree, which is recognized all over the world. The school may also arrange for exchange programs, through which your child may actually get an opportunity to study in another country. Therefore, all these factors make it important for you to make sure at the time of choosing an international school for your child, that the concerned international school has affiliations with a reputed foreign university.

Primary Language Of Instruction

Finally, you also need to take into consideration the primary language that is being used in the international school as a medium for instruction. While most of the international schools in Chennai use English as the primary language for instruction, there are certain schools which use other foreign languages like French, Spanish, etc. as their primary language. Depending on your personal requirements, you should select this medium of instruction. If you know for sure that in the near future, you would be relocating to France, then choosing an international school where the primary language is French may be a good choice for you, but if your future destination is unknown, it is always safer to go in for English as a primary language for instruction.

Why Educational Facilities At Chennai International School Are Considered Superior

American Syllabus at Chennai International School

If you are really conscious of your sons or daughters, you may probably be planning to send them for higher education after their graduation or post graduation in any particular field of profession like engineering, medical, Information Technology, Humanities, Scientific Research or any other profession. If your financial status permits you, you need to do so because; they can make their career in a ‘lucrative earning’. They may face initial difficulties in adapting themselves; being switched off from an Indian environment of learning to an American one. Have you ever thought, how your sons or daughters will be comfortable and at ease, if they get an American environment of learning, in India, in their school curriculum. There are Schools In Chennai that provide these facilities. . The school at Neelanagar in Chennai follows the American syllabus.


Schools in Chennai

If you want your wards to be educated in an international learning environment, here is a good opportunity; if you are located near any of the following three locations; namely, Shollinganallur, Padur and Neelangarai. The facilities at the school at Neelangarai are mentioned above. The international school at Shollinganallur follows the Cambridge curriculum, right from the pre-KG to Grade XII. The one at Padur follows the curriculum of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India. You can either get your ward admitted at the pre-Kg standard or can get him or her transferred to any other grade, if your ward is already studying at any other school. The syllabus is designed so that your ward can get adapted at any grade. If you are moving from the US to India, for permanent settlement, the International schools in tamilnadu will be the most suited educational destination for your children.

The Highest Teacher-Student Ratio in International Schools in Tamilnadu

The Teacher-student ratio is one of the strongest factors for determining the quality and standard of education of a school. The higher the ratio, better will be quality. The International schools in tamilnadu provide the service of 1teacher for 15 students. You can know the progress of your child through Parent Teacher Meeting) PTM), twice in a term. Your child can take part in any of the extracurricular activities that include; playing guitar and key board, dancing, karate, swimming, Western and Indian Music, Yoga, Robotics, and chess. These facilities add to the overall development of your children. When your children are exposed to a global learning environment, they are getting themselves equipped with global competition in the job market. Besides personality development, your children are left with top notch faculties to take your children in the right path to build strong character.


Schools in Chennai, the Arbor of Value-Added Learning

When you leave your child in care of the International Schools Chennai, you should feel complacent about its growth and development. With arrays of curricular and extracurricular facilities provided by the school, your child will singled out among the vast student populace, because of the very tag of the school’s name. The value-added learning will make him or her a ‘valued’ member of the society.

Finding The Most Authentic Chennai International School

Most parents realize that studying in a quality international school and certification can help their children in building up an international career. However there are certain concerns in their endeavor of finding the true and qualitative international school. On the one hand they want to find an academy that would impart highly effective and qualitative education and on the other hand such school should be affordable in terms of expenses and it won’t bleed them financially white. But the million dollar question is how one could find one of the best international schools in Chennai.

Searching Process

The process of searching for the best Chennai international schools could be of multiple types. One can have a look at the trade journals or check it from the local education department authorities. It could also be from mouth of the people that have earlier availed the benefits of training their child in one such school. But the best way would be accessing the Internet and searching for one of the best Schools In Chennai. There are some highly qualitative and informative websites that can not only provide the best and most comprehensive information about the institutes in Chennai but will also give a comparative ranking of these schools. With all the details within their reach it would become easier for both the parents and their children take informed decision about choosing such school.

Difference in Approach

While choosing one of the international schools at Chennai it is necessary taking a different approach altogether. The difference is that in choosing the traditional schools would be chosen mostly on the basis of educational excellences alone. On the other hand the approach in selecting the right international school is to see whether the school offers all round development of the student and his or her personality. Also important is the environment around the school premises and exposure that is offered by the academy to its students. This difference in approach is the key feature in the process of selection of the best international school in the city or for that matter anywhere in the world.

Why Environment and Exposure

What the importance of environment and exposure are? When it comes to selecting the best Chennai International Schools the first priority as usual could be the course curriculum and accreditation of the academy. Because the accreditation can give an academy international recognition and help the student build up his or her international career. But the very next issues are environment of the school and exposure allowed by the academy for its students. Unless and until the environment is suitable and conducive to international character building and exposure can help them become ready to face any challenges that come their way.

When the parents and students make the right choice of the international schools in Chennai they have major part of the task accomplished. The rest can fall into place automatically giving a jumpstart to the prospect of international career building of the student concerned.

Choosing One Of The Best International Schools In India

When it comes to selecting one of the best International Schools in India the person looking for such school has to take care of several aspects. Learning about the aspects for taking care of them appropriately would stand someone in good stead. Factors include both study and course curriculum related issues as well as extra-curricular subjects. Only a suitable research and comparison doing their home works can lead the intending students and their parents or guardians to the right academy that would help accomplishment of their objectives.


What Experts Have to Say

Many experts conduct studies and research on the functions of the international schools across the globe. Many consider that international schools in Tamilnadu are the best for obtaining certifications that would help the student to build up and pursue a successful international career. Many of the experts opine that international schools are the best for expat students in the country.


Factors for Consideration

There are various factors for consideration in choosing one of the best international schools in Chennai or any other parts of the country. Considerations include the curriculum followed in the school. Such curriculum should be truly international in nature and not local in character. The second factor for consideration is the teaching staff engaged in the school. The staff and their attitude should be comfortable for the clients.  It is also necessary looking at the infrastructure of the school. There should not be too many students in any of the classes that could affect the study quality adversely. Best international school in India takes care of all these aspects appropriately.


Other Factors for Consideration

It is not only the course curriculum and classroom studies that are important factors for selecting the international schools. Instead; there are other factors as well. One of them is the food for the students. This is one factor that can go a great way in enhancing the comfort levels of the student in the schools. It would be advisable for the parents of guardians to visit the school and taste the food offered to know about their standards. Other issues involve checking the environment of the school and whether it is conducive for the health and personality growth of the student concerned. In addition; while selecting one of the best international Schools in Chennai or in other locations in the country the type of exposure through interaction with students belonging to other ethnicities should also be checked. School that provides best scope for interaction would be the one to be chosen.


Intelligent and Innovative Combination

Characteristics that constitutes the essences of an international school of desired standards is intelligent and innovative combination of academic courses and extra-curricular activities like games, sports, debates, cultural activities etc. Even more important is that the international schools in Chennai should ensure that the students getting degrees or diploma from these schools do not face language problem in developing their international career.


The question of cost of education in the international school would naturally crop up but one cannot sacrifice quality at the altar of affordability when it comes to education and academic certification.

3 Reasons To Put Children In Chennai International School From Parent’s Perspective

Children having their education in the schools of Chennai can have some choices based on the curriculum as well as some other factors. There is a stiff competition in the schools in the region to attract students from different localities and backgrounds. Being a metropolis, it is very much obvious that parents find number of choices as schools with different curriculum and subjects as well as examination patterns. Besides, there is also some differentiation in terms of status and affluence. At this time, it is imperative that parents will be in trouble over selection of the best schools for their kids’ education, especially in the primary and early secondary levels. So, Schools in Chennai have come up as respite for many parents, where they admit their kids and seek proper education at the primary level, since benefits are found by them in different perspectives.


  • Ease of shifting cities or localities – Some parents prefer the Chennai international school because they want ease of shifting and getting readmitted in another international school, in case they shift cities. This flexibility is nowadays found with many international schools in Tamil Nadu. These schools allow for admissions at different levels, and not necessarily only from the beginning. As a result, if the kids have followed the courses in an international school in some other city, they can easily find themselves admitted in international schools at Chennai with previous studies in similar course or affiliation school. Due to such acceptance among parents, new schools are also coming up as the metropolis of Chennai goes into expansion.


  • Broad based education – As the number of schools increases in Chennai, the Chennai international school preserves its hallmark with broad based education system. Such schools have variety of subjects, with flexibility of choice for the students. Broad based education system is bringing more parents to these schools to ask about the admission of their wards. In such situation, there is some inkling to the parents that the kids will perform better because of freedom of performance. In subjects, which would be liked by the children, the performance will be better with few subjects being compulsory.


  • Lays foundation for higher education – For many parents, it has been proven from the past track records of the school that higher education acceptance is better when the base foundation is laid down strongly. With a sturdy foundation for the children, there is a good chance to get into different popular universities in India. Overall smartness is the desire of parents, as they want their kids to adapt to various environments when they grow up. Chennai International School provides such growth potential in their kids, which is perhaps liked by parents when making the choice.


Getting their kids admitted into international schools at Chennai is a thought provoking process for the parents. They want the best for their kids, with broad spectrum education system that would prepare the children for the future. Looking at these view points, parents are eager to get their kids admitted to good schools and Chennai offers a number of such features for the children and their parents.

Join an International School India and Be Prepared For a Better Future Internationally

Thanks to the internet and other technological advancements, the world is shrinking and becoming very close knit place. An event which happens in one end of the world has a direct and major impact on the lives of the people living in the other part of the world. Therefore, it has become important for individuals to take all their decisions after taking into consideration not just their personal factors, but the many international factors associated with that decision as well. Thus, when trying to choose between the various Schools in Chennai, it is always a wise decision to opt for an international school in India which offers Cambridge syllabus Chennai, so that your education prepares you to conquer the entire world.
Some of the advantages which make opting for an international school in India a better and wiser decision are as follows:

Exposure Various Diverse Cultures
After completing your education, you may not have any intention of going abroad for further studies or even for a job, but even when operating within India, you may come across situations where you have to deal with international clients and vendors. The only way to make your interactions with these international people a success is if you have an idea about their diverse cultures and are able to accordingly mold your dealings with them. By joining a school which offers Cambridge syllabus Chennai you would be able to learn about the diverse culture of that land and hence, if ever you have to deal with people belonging to that culture, you would be able to make a great impression on them and get your work done easily through them.

Understanding Of Various Languages
The clients or vendors of companies these days are not restricted to one country. Thanks to the internet, the whole world has become one marketplace, and when you sell your product, you have to sell it to people all over the world. This basically means that if you have to sell your product to a Chinese or an Italian client, you will have to know their language and communicate information about your product to them in their native languages. International schools in Chennai offer their students the opportunity to study and learn many different international languages, making them more prepared for these international markets.

Better and Wider Future Prospects
The world is changing at a fast place and the only way to survive is to adapt to these changes quickly. Today, you may have no interest in pursuing higher education abroad or working outside your own country, but in the future, the only way to grow for you may be to go international. If you are a part of an international school in India you would get the opportunity to study the IB board syllabus, which may include Cambridge Syllabus India. This international board is accepted and recognized all over the world and hence, after completing education from one of these international schools in Tamilnadu, you would be able to easily get admission into foreign schools or find jobs abroad.

Best Benefits of Cambridge Syllabus Chennai in International Schools

Many parents as well as students these days are trying to admit their children into leading international school in India. For many such people Chennai is the preferred location. Students coming from overseas as well as other states in Chennai know perfectly that they are going to get the best environment around and the scope for pursuing some of the best academic courses such as the Cambridge Syllabus Chennai. The current preference for Cambridge syllabus has many reasons.
Why Prefer Cambridge Syllabus
People opting for one of the best international schools in Chennai have several options to choose from. But most of them prefer the Cambridge syllabus among others. The reason is that it is the first of the English language syllabus that develops the ability of the students for communicating properly and effectively in speech as well as in writing.  Students are encourages to use the most relevant vocabularies. They would learn to use the right grammar as well as speech and writing. In addition; they will also know how to use the right style that will ensure that they are able to attract the target audience perfectly. At school levels the emphasis is on reading as well as writing skills as well as speaking and listening capabilities of the students.

Benefits of Cambridge Syllabus
Benefits of Cambridge syllabus Chennai is that it helps the students to understand as well as respond properly to what they view, hear, as well as experience. This helps them enjoy the entire varieties of English language. However the necessity for the aspirant student and their parents is that they will have to choose the best international school in India that will offer the right type of education and orientation. The school should have true international accreditation and the certificate issued by it should be applicable throughout the world or at least in major part of it. The school and its curriculums will help the people to develop their skills in the process of analyzing, synthesizing, and making inferences and presenting options. In brief the international school in Tamilnadu offering Cambridge syllabus can help promote personal development of the student and improve his or her capabilities of understanding and self and others.

Objectives of Cambridge Syllabus
The objectives of pursuing Cambridge syllabus Chennai is clear and precise in nature. These are –
•  Enabling students to communicate in an effective and appropriate manner using the speech and writing capabilities.
•  Help students to develop appreciation power in reading, writing, and hearing with the appropriate variety of language.
•  Giving wide variety of exposure to the students in pursuing the courses of studies.
•  Complementing students in other areas of studies and developing their skills of applying logic and reasoning in analyzing, synthesizing, and drawal of inferences.
•  Promote the personal development of the students.

Only one of the best international Schools in Chennai can ensure fulfilling of the objectives. Thus the task of the aspirant students or parents is cut out at finding the right one that could serve their purposes.

Know About International Schools with Cambridge Syllabus Chennai

Cambridge syllabus is one of the most popular academic courses across the globe. There are over ten thousand Cambridge schools spread over the length and breadth of around 100 countries across the globe. It is therefore natural that the international school in India also offers academic courses based on Cambridge syllabus.
Search Results Authenticating Statement
The statement above is no presumption but based on concrete facts. Anyone searching on the Internet will come across the list of those international schools offering the Cambridge syllabus. Likewise Cambridge syllabus Chennai is also one of the most popular academic courses offered by international schools in the city. When you opt for such courses in the schools in Chennai you should also know that the examinations in the topics would be carried out through registered Cambridge schools around.

Why Choose Cambridge International
Why should anyone choose international school offering Cambridge syllabus Chennai?  Cambridge international examination happens to be the largest provider of high quality and effective international education programs. The program starts at the age of 5-10 and therefore builds up the character and academic career of the child concerned from the inception. Also the Cambridge University is known for the excellence in education and that is reflected in the Cambridge syllabus offered by the Schools in Chennai.  Various certificates including the international general certificates relating to secondary education are offered by these institutions and they have global recognition. But the most important reason for choosing the Cambridge syllabus and the schools offering them is the excellence of education the syllabus offers. Annually thousands of students use the Cambridge qualification for gaining easy entry to reputed universities across the globe.

Why International Schools in Chennai
There are numerous international schools in the country and world over offering Cambridge syllabus. But again the pertinent question is why choosing one of the top international schools in Chennai. The reason is that they have some unique features like regular review and improvement of course materials and induction of the latest concepts developed by industry experts. In addition; the courses are also designed for supporting the learners going for the teaching trade. Students become confident working with information as well as ideas. While they improve and refine their own ideas they also borrow valuable points from ideas developed by others. The faculties are friendly and sponsoring and the teaching methodology is aimed at making the student a responsible citizen at the end of the learning courses. The teaching process is innovative and keeps the student engaged throughout the learning courses equipping them to meet the new as well as all future challenges in the bargain. The course is not also stereotyped and is often provided with touch of innovativeness by the teaching faculties.

An international school in India offers a wide range of academic and technical materials for the teachers and students alike. Among such international schools the one located in Chennai occupies a very high position in the appreciation ladder in the industry. That is why both students and their parents prefer to choose International School in Chennai offering Cambridge Syllabus.